The 3 worst email and spam attack campaigns of 2020

2020 was a tough year for all of us in Las Vegas and across the United States, but cybercriminals were determined to make it even tougher. True to form, internet crooks exploited everything they could just to bilk hard-earned cash out of innocent folk.

Here are the themes of the worst email and spam attack campaigns of 2020:

Not even the coronavirus pandemic was off-limits to exploits, as spammers used the still-changing status of COVID information to dupe even the most informed people.

Why email security matters

Email remains the most popular and most effective method of communication across businesses in every sector. This makes email a top target for cyberattacks; it’s no surprise that the majority of data breaches have an email phishing element. Enterprise-grade email security takes collective measures to secure access to email accounts and mitigate the effects of malicious content.

How power management software helps you save money

Recurring power outages are more than just a nuisance. They also have negative implications for the life of your hardware, the efficiency of your workloads, and your ability to serve customers reliably during their time of need.

Enterprise-grade power management software doesn’t just aim to solve problems associated with unexpected power outages — it also helps companies become more environmentally friendly.

7 Simple ways to protect yourself from spam

Spam comprises more than half of all emails sent. Although it’s a number that’s substantially lower than it was a few years ago, junk email continues to cost the global economy billions of dollars every year in lost productivity. Moreover, many spam emails are more than just an annoyance, they are a favorite delivery method for malicious software and links.