Top 4 tips to optimize your virtual devices

With businesses constantly opting for more flexible and efficient tech, it’s no wonder virtualization has become indispensable. Virtual machines (VMs) have helped consolidate workloads, lower operational costs, and reduce energy consumption — all while remaining scalable to one’s IT needs.

Is your business prepared for a power outage?

Unless a business is properly prepared, then an unexpected power outage can have severe operational and financial repercussions. During an outage, productivity comes to a halt and you are unable to meet customer demands. Depending on your infrastructure, an outage can also disrupt communications that rely on constant power.

The benefits of hosted solutions

The term “hosted solutions” still seems like a mere buzzword to many business owners, but this IT delivery concept is increasingly becoming an important system for companies trying to weather the current economic storm. The benefits of hosted solutions have become magnified due to the unpredictability of commerce in recent times, and more small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are looking into how the service can improve their operations.

Why the Cloud Can Become a Game Changer

Like everything else in IT today, cloud computing can be either unnecessary in your business operations – or it could be something you really need. However, a recent survey on the perception of the cloud shows that almost half of small business owners are more or less dismissing it outright.

QuickBooks Payroll

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