Keep your cloud spending under control

Game-changing as the cloud may be, it can often be easy to overspend on its resources. Such wasted costs could be put toward hiring more talent or funding new projects, instead of unnecessary aspects of the cloud migration, integration, and usage. To avoid going overboard on your cloud expenses, we’ve compiled our top tips for minimizing cloud-based costs while maximizing its functionalities.

4 Ways to optimize your cloud environment

Cloud optimization, in simple terms, is about getting the most out of your cloud-based services while keeping costs under control. It helps you maximize the value of your cloud investments to avoid overspending or underutilization.

Explore our top tips for optimizing your cloud environment below so you can improve performance and efficiency while saving money in the long run.

The 5 best cloud backup services for businesses

Cloud backup services have become a key asset for most businesses, ensuring their data remains protected, accessible, and secure. The demand for cloud backup services is such that the current value of the market as of 2023 is USD 4.57 billion and is expected to reach 13.8 billion by 2028.

With its ability to ensure data redundancy even in the face of hardware failures, accidents, or cyberthreats, it’s no wonder cloud backup services have become a modern workplace staple.

The 4 pillars of cloud security: What your business needs to know

The benefits of the cloud are undeniable — increased flexibility, scalability and cost savings — but without proper security protocols in place, these advantages can be quickly outweighed by the risks associated with data breaches and other cyberattacks.