4 Ways power issues hurt your business

4 Ways power issues hurt your business

Nevada is all about extremes, from having vast swaths of land to extremely dense cities and everything in between. And because of topological and thermal challenges, the electricity landscape in the Sagebrush State can vary from city to city. Spot outages aren’t uncommon, as power grids contend with extreme desert heat. And when these outages occur, they can hurt your business.

Here are some ways power interruptions impact Nevada companies.

Revenue loss

When you encounter power issues that you are not prepared for, your operations can be crippled. For instance, if a power surge fries your server, you may be unable to access your data for up to a week, depending on how quickly your service provider can fix the issue. You’ll be spending that time sitting on your hands while you wait.

You lose money for every minute you are unable to manage supply, engage with customers, and make sales. A power outage can disrupt all of these facets of business. And in today’s highly competitive business environment, such disruptions simply cannot and should not be afforded. For small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs), disruptions effectively translate to opportunities lost to direct competitors, making it a twofold problem.

Equipment damage and data loss

Aside from downtime, there’s the risk of equipment damage. When an outage occurs in the middle of a save activity or data transmission, your equipment may become damaged and your files may become corrupted. So it’s always smart to consult with an expert on the steps you can take to protect your machines and business data.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) are a popular auxiliary power source in case of outages, as they can provide an extra hour or two of power — which is more than ample time to halt your processes and safely power down your systems. And today’s UPSs come with surge protectors that prevent your equipment from being fried. But don’t go about purchasing UPSs willy-nilly — consult with Kortek about which types of UPS best suit your needs.

Productivity dip

When electricity goes out, productivity automatically goes down. Your staff can’t really do anything if computers can’t be turned on and there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity in the office because of an outage. That outlook is even worse if the outage or power surge results in equipment damage. That scenario puts not just your computers but also your staff practically out of commission for hours or even days.

If blackouts and brownouts are a common occurrence in your area, it might be a good idea to build your data infrastructure to accommodate some offline or powerless productivity, such as paper-centric processes. But make that option a last resort — managed solutions providers (MSPs) like Kortek can help you devise ways to protect and keep your IT systems running so as to maintain productivity.

Customer dissatisfaction

Blackouts lead to customer dissatisfaction because customers prefer responsive businesses. If an electrical issue takes your system down and leaves you unable to respond in a timely fashion, customers might begin to associate your brand with disappointment.

Kortek can help you mitigate the negative impacts of power interruptions by outfitting your office with equipment and tools that protect computers and more. Furthermore, our partnership with Eaton, one of the top power management companies in the United States, means you get the latest tools and information as they come.

Kortek Solutions is Nevada’s premier MSP. We provide our customers with power solutions that help protect business equipment and provide real-time information on power outages across the state. Contact us today to learn more.