The benefits of hosted solutions

The benefits of hosted solutions

The term “hosted solutions” still seems like a mere buzzword to many business owners, but this IT delivery concept is increasingly becoming an important system for companies trying to weather the current economic storm. The benefits of hosted solutions have become magnified due to the unpredictability of commerce in recent times, and more small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are looking into how the service can improve their operations.

There is a growing consensus among SMBs that hosted solutions will fuel growth as the global economy emerges from its current trough. And the benefits don’t end there — you can expect the following advantages as well:

Reduced upfront costs

Any growing business can attest to how challenging technology costs can be. Typically, businesses pay upfront for equipment and software, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. With business apps becoming a necessity in a data-driven commercial environment, finding the balance between having all the necessary tools while managing cost can get tricky.

Hosted solutions are a great way to meet that middle ground (SMBs) aim for. Using hosted software, for instance, allows your company to maintain data security and compliance without putting a heavy strain on your finances. Key to this is the monthly subscription model of hosted solutions — no need to spend a lot of resources in one go!

Minimal hardware spending

With powerful software comes the need for powerful computers. Handling large quantities of data requires servers and multiple storage devices, which can be expensive. Dell’s “bare bones” PowerEdge T20 server, for instance, will set you back $500 upfront — and that’s not yet accounting for the needed OS, drives, configuration, usage, maintenance, and insurance costs. And for more reliable and more secure options, both Dell’s upfront price tags and their associated costs are even higher.

Aside from the costs mentioned above, companies are also forced to spend on extra parts and even backup computers just to stay ready for inevitable downtime. That’s money sitting on your shelves, gathering dust — money that you could be using instead to fuel business growth. With hosted solutions, you won’t need to spend that much money for hardware.

Optimized in-house IT

Many of our Las Vegas clients used to be apprehensive about having an internal/external IT tandem, but became fast believers once it was proven to be a great way to optimize tech support. Hosted IT is key to faster IT service response, especially for highly critical technical needs such as sudden downtime, equipment breakage, and the like.

By pairing your internal IT team with an external solution, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll be assured that your in-house tech experts are always available on call for high-priority response without sacrificing the quality and timeliness of tedious day-to-day IT activities.

Automatic data redundancies

There's a high risk of data loss nowadays as sophisticated threats abound. It has become such a big risk that backups have become an implicit business standard no matter the industry — and more so in industries that handle sensitive information such as with regards to PHI and HIPAA.

Redundancies are an automatic component of hosted cloud solutions. These solutions are more affordable than ever, but they offer as much control and even more security than in-house options. What’s more, you can still keep your in-house data storage if you wish, through a hybrid cloud arrangement.

Improved mobility

Lastly, hosted solutions will give you the flexibility to stay productive however you choose. Accomplish your tasks through cloud solutions, whether from home, from a satellite office, or even while on the road. It’s a great way to help limit the spread of the pandemic without sacrificing jobs and profits.

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