Rick Raines

Lyle rescued our small company from the depths of telephone hell. We had gotten involved with an English company with a full featured phone system that was attempting to make entry here into the US. Well, having support for your phone system literally across the ocean didn't work well. We tried and we tried, and after a couple of years of struggling with the system we gave up, and moved up to TeleVantage. I wanted a local service tech that knew the system, someone I could physically go see if I wasn't satisfied. Well, Lyle came out, hooked us up, and I never did have to go see him due to his knowledge or workmanship. Lyle's a good guy.

After that initial experience, I started using his company to figure out and update our Network. We have hit a few bumps in the network road, but Lyle isn't afraid to take suggestions and do his best to get a solution that doesn't require mortgaging the farm. All in all, Kortek Solutions has been a valuable support solution for our growing business.

Owner, Broker
The Atlas Group