What do cybersecurity consultants do, and does your SMB need one?

What do cybersecurity consultants do, and does your SMB need one?

Protecting against cyberattacks is something that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must take seriously. On top of leveraging robust cybersecurity tools and measures, hiring a competent cybersecurity consultant can help you stay ahead of cyber risks and improve your SMB’s overall security posture.

What does a cybersecurity consultant do?

A cybersecurity consultant develops protocols, policies, and security plans to help organizations protect their networking infrastructure, information systems, and data. For the most part, they are responsible for evaluating cyber risks, looking for flaws and vulnerabilities in existing security systems, and implementing robust security solutions. They may also carry out the following tasks:

  • Conduct routine threat analyses, system checks, and security tests
  • Define and update protocols and procedures for detecting and preventing security breaches
  • Measure the vulnerability of the organization's software and systems
  • Provide training or professional recommendations and guidance to in-house IT security staff
  • Update and upgrade security systems as necessary

Why should your SMB hire a cybersecurity consultant?

Securing your business network and assets is not a one-off task but something that must be carried out continuously. And depending on the size of your SMB, the industry you’re in, and the importance of the data you hold, you may need to address a number of different areas unique to your setup. A cybersecurity consultant can help you craft and implement a customized cybersecurity strategy that can enable your organization to protect against imminent threats.

Here are three other reasons why you should hire a cybersecurity consultant.

1. They have the appropriate knowledge, abilities, and experience.

Not all IT specialists are familiar with the nuances of cybersecurity. So even if you have full-time staff with some IT security experience, it helps to have a professional with the right skill set take a look at your environment to ensure your cybersecurity strategy covers all your bases.

Not only that, but a cybersecurity consultant also stays on top of the latest developments in IT security. This allows them to recommend and implement the most effective and suitable security standards and solutions to safeguard your network, systems, and data against hacking attempts and cyberattacks.

2. They offer unbiased solutions for your cybersecurity needs.

Because a cybersecurity consultant doesn’t work exclusively for one company, they will not sell you a particular tool or solution or oblige you to purchase from a particular hardware manufacturer or software company. Rather, they will consider your SMB’s unique needs and budget and provide fitting solutions based on these.

If they do recommend a specific product, it’s because they believe it will be effective in solidifying your cybersecurity posture. While some cybersecurity consultants have their own IT partners and can get you deals on hardware and software, they are unlikely to recommend a product if it won’t add value to your organization.

3. They can help educate your employees.

The most crucial component of your cybersecurity strategy is your employees. Even if you have the best security tools and well-laid-out policies and procedures, if your employees don’t know how to properly protect your network and data, then your strategy will be ineffective.

A cybersecurity consultant can educate your employees on how to use your systems correctly to mitigate threats and issues. With security training, your staff won’t just be aware of the dangers presented by an ever-evolving threat landscape — they’ll be empowered to protect your organization from them.

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Does your SMB need a cybersecurity consultant?

On top of preventing costly breaches and cyberattacks, a cybersecurity consultant can help your SMB cut costs without sacrificing your level of protection. You will only be charged for the time the consultant works on your project, which makes managing your IT budget easier. This is opposed to going in blind and potentially shelling out thousands of dollars on ineffective or unnecessary cybersecurity measures.

And because a cybersecurity consultant has only one primary goal — to protect your SMB from cyberthreats — they are sure to dedicate 100% of their efforts to the task. They won’t be bogged down by other responsibilities, which means they can develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy more quickly and efficiently than if your in-house IT staff did it.

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