How IT consulting can help your SMB grow

How IT consulting can help your SMB grow

It’s not hard to see how embracing new technologies unlocks the growth potential for many small- to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). However, today’s technology landscape is shifting so rapidly that many companies are struggling to keep up. One minute you’re adopting a new piece of technology, and the next, a newer version or better product is there to take its place.

With technology trends changing at an increasing pace, it can be difficult to move in lockstep — especially when a new need arises that your SMB hasn’t dealt with before. Fortunately, an IT consultant can help you address your unique technology needs as well as provide you with expertise to prime your company for growth.

What does an IT consultant do?

An IT consultant's role is to advise you on how best to use technology in achieving your business targets and objectives. They conduct several assessments to familiarize themselves with your operations, budget, and most common pain points. Then, they use this information to develop a suitable IT strategy that will optimize performance and help you achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way possible.

In general, IT consultants:

  • Provide advice on the best solutions for data security, networking, communications, and other specific IT needs for projects
  • Assess your existing IT infrastructure, then recommend technologies to streamline business processes (e.g., hardware and/or software upgrades, backup solutions, monitoring tools)
  • Collaborate with the in-house IT team and train staff to ensure familiarity with the new technologies
  • Monitoring the success of IT solutions and producing detailed reports on their efficacy

They can even create custom plans for transitioning toward new technologies, so your business can continue to scale and grow.

What are the benefits of hiring an IT consultant?

Enlisting the help of an IT consultant is a cost-effective way for your SMB to drive innovation, accomplish business goals, and remain competitive. Here are some of the biggest advantages that an IT consultant can offer your company.

1. They offer outside perspectives and unbiased analyses

Not all IT professionals are well-versed in new technologies, so even if you have full-time IT staff with some experience, it helps to have an expert take a look at your existing infrastructure with fresh eyes. An outside perspective may be just the help your SMB needs to increase growth and improve overall efficiency.

In addition, most IT consultants specialize in a wide range of services. This means you won’t have to hire different specialists for different jobs when you're already working with IT consultants who have experience supporting a variety of projects.

2. They let you focus on core business functions

Having your own staff manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure can prevent them from focusing on their core tasks. An IT consultant or consulting firm can take on all these IT responsibilities on their behalf, thereby enabling your in-house team to zero in on value-generating activities that increase your bottom line.

3. They are cost effective

Hiring an IT consultant may seem like a big upfront investment. However, the gains of having a professional consultant on board far outweigh the expenses, as the efficiency strategies they develop for your SMB will ultimately pay off. Besides, consultants are often hired to fine-tune specific technologies and processes on a project-to-project basis, which allows for a more cost-effective and efficient use of your business resources.

Get guidance from proven technology experts

With artificial intelligence, 5G networks, and Internet of Things devices becoming increasingly widespread, you need to make sense of these new technologies and find the best options that work for your SMB. Without the right IT consultant or firm, you could end up paying too much, or worse, investing in technology that doesn't benefit your business.

We at Kortek Solutions can help you avoid these problems. Our IT consultants are experts in both technology management and business process improvements. We aren’t only capable of providing sound technical advice, but we can also ensure that your business IT works for your unique needs and goals, today and moving forward.

If you are looking for a reputable IT consulting firm with the experience and expertise to keep your business running smoothly, contact us today!