3 Reasons why you should consider email/spam protection service

3 Reasons why you should consider email/spam protection service

Whether you’re in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world, emails are crucial for efficient business communications. However, spam and other cybersecurity threats are common problems when it comes to email. The solution is email/spam protection service. Read on to learn more about email/spam protection service and why you need it.

Real-time analysis and automatic threat detection

When trying to attack your systems, hackers may use malicious email attachments and/or links that compromise your data and may install malicious programs onto your computer. You can fend off hackers' attempts by using an email/spam blocker that offers advanced and real-time spam filters. This will automatically detect threats and remove dangerous emails before anyone gets to access them and pose a threat.

Kortek Solutions provides an email/spam protection service that keeps malicious emails out of your inbox. But having email/spam protection tools doesn’t mean that you should be complacent with the emails you receive. You should also know how to spot signs of risky emails. Here are some telltale signs of harmful messages in your inbox:

  • Email is sent from a public email domain
    Most organizations will have their official name reflect on their email domain. If you’re unsure of the sender’s email address, search for the company’s name and their contact information through their official website and/or social media accounts. Sometimes, a typographical error on the sender’s email address is all you need to confirm if it’s a legitimate email or not.

    Hackers may also use a business’s official name as the sender, so watch out for suspicious characters added to the email domain like a string of alphabets or numbers.

  • Unexpected file attachment
    Hackers would try to attack your system through an infected file. That is why you should never open suspicious attachments unless you’re fully confident of the sender’s legitimacy and the content of the email. If you download the file and receive a system warning about its legitimacy, it’s best to contact the sender through alternative means and ask them to verify that what they sent is indeed a legitimate and safe file.

  • Links to a suspicious website
    Some of these emails will lead you to what may look like an official company site such as a bank or any type of financial institution that requests your personal information so you can, for example, settle a payment or update your personal information like your name, mobile number, or address. If you suspect that this is a dubious site, contact the company via their official hotline or website to verify the request.

Encryption and unlimited storage

Hackers can use emails to infiltrate your systems through spam. This is costly, and you may face legal consequences and your reputation as a trustworthy business may also suffer. When emails are encrypted, you are assured that all of your sensitive emails are protected. Email encryption provides an additional layer of security that protects your business from malicious content and data loss. Email encryption is essential especially when sending confidential data to legitimate contacts outside of your organization.

Moreover, email/spam protection lets you enjoy unlimited storage in a fully secured cloud-based archive. This feature allows you to safely keep a record or copy of all your important emails which you can access anytime.

Email continuity

Email systems can sometimes temporarily go offline, preventing you from receiving important messages from your customers and business partners. With a reliable email/spam protection service, this is unlikely to occur. This kind of service also comes with email continuity that lets your system receive messages and even send out replies during partial network outages.

With Kortek Solutions’ Email/Spam Protection service, you’re in capable hands when it comes to securing not only your email but your business as well. Do you want to know more about our IT support and cybersecurity services? Contact us today!