How to mitigate cybersecurity fails for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)

How to mitigate cybersecurity fails for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs)

Practically all companies take steps to protect their system from various threats, but even so, gaps in a security system may still lead to its failure. This is why we regularly remind our Las Vegas clients to follow cybersecurity best practices and to keep in constant communication with us. In our experience, a collaborative and united environment has allowed us to maintain high levels of security for all our customers.

With the state of cybersecurity constantly evolving, it can sometimes be difficult to anticipate threats. But by following the best practices listed below, you can significantly reduce the risk of cybersecurity system failure.

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Keep software and operating systems (OSs) up to date

All business software developers are naturally wary of the constantly evolving conditions of cybersecurity. Criminals keep finding creative ways to exploit gaps in software, so developers are also constantly pushing back by releasing security patches as expediently as they can. The good news is that most developers enable systems to automatically install patches as they become available.

Many business leaders may feel overwhelmed by the number of applications they need to regularly update, so they often consider partnering with a managed IT services provider (MSP) to do all the nitty-gritty IT work. It’s a smart and easy way to ensure your software and OSs are always kept up to date.

Back up critical data

Backups are a fundamental component of any disaster readiness plan, which includes preparing for cyberattacks and data loss. The nasty thing about cyberattacks is that they often come with no warning. Failing to back up your data means that if you get hit by a sophisticated attack like ransomware, you run the risk of losing all your business data forever. Furthermore, losing your financial information to cybercriminals will likely bring you more headaches in the future.

Disaster readiness tips

Reputable MSPs that offer backup services are a quick and painless ticket to improved cybersecurity. At Kortek, for instance, our backup procedures are a critical component of our business continuity planning service. We strategically deploy it in such a way that you can regain access to a complete and most recent copy of your data within minutes of disruption. We also regularly test our data restoration procedures to ensure that recovery will be seamless.

Is your business fully equipped to handle a disaster?

Most business owners know how crucial data is to their operations. What many don't know is how to implement a contingency plan that ensures their data can be restored quickly in case of a disaster and how to design recovery plans that are easy to execute. Talk to our experts to find out how.

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Have employees undergo security training

Having state-of-the-art hardware and software won’t do you any good if your employees don’t know how to use them effectively. Security isn’t a set-and-forget kind of thing; doing so can even leave you at more risk of attack. Training will help ensure that your efforts to protect your data aren’t for naught and it will equip your staff with knowledge that they can carry over to their everyday lives.

“Security isn’t a set-and-forget kind of thing; doing so can even leave you at more risk of attack.”

Training your employees on cybersecurity concepts and their role within your organization’s cybersecurity system will improve your system’s ability to fend off attacks. After all, they have a role in upholding the integrity of the information system, even if just in the form of good password practices. Complete security is a lifestyle. Ingraining it into corporate culture is the best way to achieve security success.

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Partner with a trusted MSP

MSPs have been key to empowering SMBs with scalable and robust solutions in the past decade. With managed services, even companies with the most limited IT budgets have gotten the chance to experience full-scale IT services. So it’s a good idea to explore the opportunities of managed IT.

Look for one that isn’t afraid to have tough conversations with you. For example, Kortek Solutions’ tech experts will assess your system and give you an honest opinion about gaps that need to be filled. We’ll also give you a no-frills opinion on the best course of action to help protect your data.

Kortek’s security solutions will help you meet compliance standards and maintain control and protection of business data. Contact us today to learn about our data integrity standards and how we’ll keep your business shielded from cyberthreats.