Important considerations when choosing a VoIP provider

Important considerations when choosing a VoIP provider

Landlines were once indispensable to business communications. And even as they were slowly being phased out in the last couple of years, those trusty analog phones were still used by small businesses and large enterprises. Now, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or internet phones are the go-to communications solution for many businesses. They are cheaper, more convenient, and have a wider range of applications than traditional phones.

No business is without VoIP phones nowadays. If you're looking to upgrade your VoIP system, look out for the following characteristics when choosing a VoIP partner.

Default features

First, find out the default VoIP features available. Many VoIP providers will share a common set of features such as regular phone hardware that can be plugged into your computers and unlimited internet calls, but some of the more reputable ones will have one or two extra tools that could be useful for your operations.

For instance, Kortek Solutions’ VoIP services come with encryption and Find Me/Follow Me features that will not only protect your business information but will also make it easier for your workers to connect with colleagues, third-party vendors, and other business stakeholders.

Extensions and integrations

VoIP solutions nowadays are designed for app extensions and integrations to further improve user experience. Some good extensions and integrations you will want to ask your VoIP provider about are full-feature mobile apps, business SMS, advanced voicemail services, migration extensions, and integrations with the most common business solutions like Google, Dropbox, and the like.

However, having a bunch of features could be overwhelming to those who only need a lean set of VoIP features. Just make sure that when you size up your options, you make an apples-to-apples comparison whereby you compare similar features that your business needs. Then, decide which provider offers the best value for your money based on your assessment.

Unified communications services

Unified communications services are the next frontier for VoIP services, as it puts all the communications tools that a business needs in a single system that seamlessly works as one communications hub. With UC, your VoIP platforms are no longer limited to internet phone calls; a good VoIP provider will combine all communications tools like chat, email, and even ticketing systems all together in one powerful platform.

Cost and pricing

Everything considered, cost and pricing will likely be the biggest factors in making your decision. Most VoIP providers offer similar services; it’s the pricing and payment models offered by each provider that will drive decision-making. Look for a VoIP provider that doesn’t only offer competitive pricing, but also an attractive payment model.

The world’s top VoIP services can be availed of on a subscription basis, meaning you only pay for the months you use the service. That means your VoIP costs are fixed and easy to plan around, not to mention scalable, should your business experience sudden growth.

Take advantage of unified communications!

Today's market is globalized and for your business to compete, you'll need advanced telephony that allows you stay in touch with employees, prospects, and customers anywhere, anytime, without having to pay hefty overseas call fees.

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Nowadays, even small businesses can expand their market reach on a global scale, thanks to the internet and the cloud. To support your business's growth strategy, whether it's to open offices in other states or reach customers in other parts of the world, you must have a dependable business communications system.

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